Preview of My Beer Selection

My Beer Selection

A React-based beer selection app for creating personal beer selections based on user's tastes. Uses an API call on random beer generator considering user inputs.

React | API | HTML5 | CSS3

Preview of Shutter


A fully responsive PSD conversion with sound and animation effects. Turn on the sound to fully enjoy.

JavaScript | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3

Preview of Too Many Hats

Too Many Hats

React-based blog site being built for a digital agency under the supervision of a senior engineer to attract new clients. Work in progress.

React | GraphQL | Contentful | Gatsby

Preview of The Health Aisle

The Health Aisle

A blog/e-commerce-style WordPress site being developed for a health care start-up to attract new customers.

WordPress | HTML | CSS

Preview of Fight To End Cancer

Fight To End Cancer

An ecommerce Shopify site built to support a small business that has been impacted by COVID-19. Collaborated with City of Toronto and Digital Main Street (ShopHERE)

Shopify Theme | CSS

Preview of Afridom


A re-created company website for a digital agency for improving UI and loading time as well as increasing conversion rate

JavaScript | HTML | CSS

Preview of Cat's World Tour

Cat's World Tour

A Vanilla JS-based app for taking a cat to different cities based on the user search. Makes an API call for high-quality images using a rotating background.

Vanilla JS | API | SASS

Preview of What Should I Wear Today?

What Should I Wear Today?

A jQuery-based app that recommends today’s look based on user's styles and daily conditions.

JavaScript | jQuery | SASS | HTML5